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Microphone à ultrasons Pettersson M500-384 USB

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MICRO M500-384

The M500-384 USB Ultrasonic Microphone allows you to make high-quality, full-spectrum recordings of bat calls or other ultrasonic signals from a wide variety of media (laptops/shelves/smartphones), using the sound recording software of your choice. The M500-384 uses standard sound device drivers and does not require custom drivers to be installed.

The M500-384 comes in a thin, durable aluminum housing and uses the same advanced electret microphone technology as the popular D500X.

With or without its cone, the M500-384 can be used in both directional and omni-directional modes. The M500-384 is the ideal choice if you intend to use your smartphone for ultrasound recording. C

The software you choose to use must support recording at 384 kHz. It works with Android, Linux (Ubuntu), OS X, iOS or Windows. Please check hardware/software compatibility and that 384 kHz recording is supported. It has been found that some smartphones/tablets, especially low-end devices, do not support 384 kHz USB audio.

The M500-384 is compatible with BatSound, BatSound Touch and BatSound Touch Lite software (free version). Other recommended software for various operating systems include Audacity (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Ultrasonic Analyzer (iOS) and Bat Recorder (Android).

A 0.5m USB cable (type A to mini-B) is included. A mini-B to micro-B/OTG USB cable, suitable for use with a smartphone or tablet, can be purchased separately.

The product image shows the M500-384 with an Android smartphone, running the Bat Recorder application, available on Google Play.

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