Chameleons of Africa
Chameleons of Africa
Chameleons of Africa
Chameleons of Africa
Chameleons of Africa
Chameleons of Africa
Chameleons of Africa

Chameleons of Africa

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This second edition “is written by a leading expert on the group, so that means it’s up to date and comprehensive. The success of the first edition (2010) meant that the book was very soon ‘out of print’ […].

However, the revision was no simple task as a lot has happened in chameleon biology and taxonomy in the eight years between this revision and its original. As usual Colin has summarised and integrated all of this into the species accounts, many of which have been rewritten. Everywhere we look in Africa, new reptilian novelties are turning up. Over 20 new taxa have been added to chameleon diversity since Colin’s 2010 ‘summary’, and their rate of description shows no sign of abating. One Rhampholeon was even named in his honour; perhaps, surprisingly, it is neither shaggy nor robust, but it is nonetheless appropriately named, as it is a handsome little fellow with an unassuming air and a large rostral projection. It is probable that another 20–30 species await discovery and description, assuming we discover them all before their forest habitats are cleared for wardrobes, wood carvings and charcoal.

Your interest in this book means that you probably have a passion for these jewelled gems. Let that love drive you to understand and protect them, and to save them for future generations. Colin’s monumental book is the vehicle they need.  Its size and the stunning array of beautiful images will mean that it will grace more coffee tables than bookshelves. This is only fitting as its beauty, combined with its up to date science, means that it will serve as both a bedrock of knowledge as well as a printed ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’. It will, and indeed must, serve as a beacon for the future study and conservation of these African gems.”

What was originally designed as a revised and updated second edition turned out to be a completely new book. Since 2010, 20 new species have been described that are included here as well. In total 30 % of the colour photos used in the second edition represent new material. Due to the larger format, many of the images can be shown bigger than in the first edition. We think the new Tilbury is twice as much exciting than the old edition.

643 pages, 816 color photos, 142 drawings and distribution maps for all species.


Les caméléons d'Afrique

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