Acoustic Ecology of European Bats -...
Acoustic Ecology of European Bats -...
Acoustic Ecology of European Bats -...
Acoustic Ecology of European Bats -...
Acoustic Ecology of European Bats -...

Acoustic Ecology of European Bats - Second edition

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Bats evolved to fly in the dark and developed echolocation to navigate in these conditions. Even though we cannot hear their acoustic emissions, we can record and analyse them with appropriate equipment and software.

The author acquired unique knowledge and skills over more than three decades of continuous research on bat ultrasonic emissions. In this book he uses here advanced computer-assisted analysis to supplement the auditory approach to ultrasound analysis he initially developed in France.

The method described makes it possible to identify about 85 % of bat acoustic records in Europe and to carry out non-invasive bat assessments and in-depth surveys. Thirty-five of the 42 bat species present in Europe are covered.

The book also includes access to more than 300 downloadable files online that can be used to practice and develop skills in identifying bats by their sonar signals :

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Michel Barataud has spent many years researching bat sonar signals, not only in Europe but also in the Guyanas and Lesser Antilles. Drawing on his personal field experience and his ability to make the most of technological advances, he has developed an efficient identification method and disseminated his findings through a large number of publications.  A dedicated teacher, he has trained several hundred bat enthusiasts in ultrasound analysis and fostered a vast network of naturalists.

Yves Tupinier is pioneer in bioacoustics and a life-long friend. His contribution to this book is a precious addition.

Il s'agit de la version en langue anglaise de l'ouvrage Écologie acoustique des Chiroptères d'Europe - 4ème édition

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Summary :

  • The biological sonar
  • Ultrasound detectors
  • The sonar signals of bats: classification and interpretation
  • The acoustic identification of bats
  • Applications
  • Acoustic ecology
  • Frequently asked questions on acoustic detection and identification
  • Perspectives
  • Appendices
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