Enregistreur à ultrasons Batlogger C...
Enregistreur à ultrasons Batlogger C...
Enregistreur à ultrasons Batlogger C...
Enregistreur à ultrasons Batlogger C...
Enregistreur à ultrasons Batlogger C...
Enregistreur à ultrasons Batlogger C...

Enregistreur à ultrasons Batlogger C Elekon

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The BATLOGGER C is a professional recording system for bat calls.
It convinces by an excellent audio quality (real time, full spectrum).
Metadata such as coordinates (GPS) are assigned to each recording, analysis software is included, and as a very practical feature the device sends messages (sms) about events and the status of the device thanks to its integrated GSM module.

All relevant data are recorded automatically: ultrasonic calls (10-150 kHz), temperature, recording parameters (time stamp, trigger...). Storage on SD card (up to 256 GB) allows later consultation and evaluation on a computer. The ultrasound microphone is currently one of the most sensitive on the market.

The BATLOGGER C has been specially developed for long studies. All components are IP67 (waterproof and dustproof), the 2 battery slots allow an autonomy of about 100 hours (delivered with only one battery by default).
Its weight remains light (1.8 kilos), its size is reasonable (224 x 191 x 99 mm) and above all it has an integrated handle which is very useful when transporting it in the field.

If you want to know if your device has made recordings on site, the Batlogger C can send this kind of information by e-mail or text message. You can also have :

    - a daily status report
    - a notification if the SD card is almost full or the battery is almost empty
    - an alarm message if BATLOGER C is moved

This Batlogger C comes with a black FG microphone, a 2m cable, a 16GB SD card, a 7.2V Li-ion battery, a charger and the BATPARS editor software (Windows/MAC).

A quick start manual in French is provided, the complete manual is in English (see download section).

It is compatible with Elekon's free analysis software BatExplorer (Windows - see download section) or WSL's BatScope (Mac - available HERE). This will allow you to organize your recordings, analyze and classify them, and take advantage of the automatic detection of bat calls with suggested species.
The recording parameters are fully configurable: scheduled recordings, continuous recording, instant recording and different triggers (for call detection) can be adjusted. The creation and customization of BATLOGER C parameters on computer (Windows and Mac) is easy to do with Elekon's BATPARS editing software.
The file formats created are in .WAV and .XML format which means that they can be processed through other popular audio and bioacoustic programs other than Elekon's.

A complete pack is available with a second 7.2V battery and a second 32GB SD card to gain autonomy and to allow you to continue your recordings while you analyze your first data.

Option pack Batlogger C

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