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The East Atlantic Flyway of Coastal...

The East Atlantic Flyway of Coastal Birds

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Embark on an extraordinary journey along the East Atlantic Flyway, a spectacular route traversed by millions of shorebirds as they navigate between their breeding grounds in the Arctic and their wintering destinations in Europe and Africa. Covering up to 16,000 kilometres twice a year, these remarkable creatures engage in one of the most awe-inspiring natural spectacles on Earth.


In this captivating book, we accompany a team of intrepid ornithologists as they unravel the mysteries of shorebird migration. Through their interwoven stories, we gain a profound understanding of the birds’ amazing migratory patterns, their breeding and wintering habitats, and their crucial stopover locations.

Delve into the fascinating world of bird biology and behaviour, where we witness the marvels of blue-green coastal landscapes, the stark beauty of tundra, and the untamed wilderness that these birds call home. Along the way, we discover the essential role of education, community involvement, advocacy, and international cooperation in conserving the precious sites along the flyway.

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Lynx Nature Books
Peter Prokosch
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