Our history

At the origin of Biotope, four friends animated by a common passion for fauna and flora. In 1992, these naturalists made the challenge of making ecological expertise a profession of the future. At that time, the challenges to biodiversity are very little taken into consideration, but our precursors sense that the environment will become a major societal challenge.

Specialized in expertise and knowledge of natural environments, the Biotope team carries out, among other things, strategic environmental assessments for all types of development projects. Biotope is also a major player in nature conservation, with considerable involvement in the deployment of the Natura 2000 network in France. To ensure these missions, Biotope brings together the best experts in fauna, flora, landscape and communication, and develops through its research and development center advanced technologies.

Biotope editions

A rich catalog and diversity
Prestigious partners
Appreciated and recognized contents
To bring the environment as a real stake of our society, Biotope created shortly after its beginnings a communication agency and its own publishing house, with the Parthénope collection. The quality of the works in this collection, including the identification guides of the series "France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland" has been welcomed by many users, amateurs or professionals. They are now part of the essential library of any naturalist. Biotope's books also make the pot beautiful in the picture. Most of the photos they contain are unpublished and have been taken on the ground in a constant concern for respect for species. Publisher in the service of knowledge dissemination, Biotope concluded in the 2000s, partnerships with prestigious structures such as the National Museum of Natural History for
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