Ultrasonic sensor for bats Pettersson...
Ultrasonic sensor for bats Pettersson...

Ultrasonic sensor for bats Pettersson D240X

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The Pettersson D240X is an ultrasonic sensor easy to handle and very powerful for converting ultrasound in an audible sound. It is primarily designed to study bats and other animals emit ultrasons.Le detector has two independent ultrasonic conversion systems, a heterodyne system and a time expansion system. The detector is equipped with a digital display for providing highly accurate readings from the listening frequency.
It allows to make short recordings (from 0.1 to 1.7 or 3.4 s).

D240X transforms the ultrasound 10 to 120 kHz in the audible frequency range. Although the primary use for the D240X either bioacoustic study ultrasound (bats, rodents, orthoptera, etc.), the detector can also be used in many other situations where the ultrasound detection is involved (intruder ultrasound systems, leaks in pressurized systems, corona discharges etc.).

Processed sounds are controlled either via the built-in speaker or through headphones connected to the PHONES jack. A tape recorder or other recording device can be connected to the TAPE jack, to make recordings of processed sounds or to record the direct sound from the microphone.

As exemple the Roland R-05


The D240X is also a backlit sensor, with large numbers and a digital display précisLes frequency and volume controls are on the side of the device, which makes it easy and quick to adjust. By using stereo headphones, the superposition signal is heard on the left channel and the time expansion signal on the right channel. When the built-in speaker is used, a switch selects either the time expansion signal or the heterodyne signal.

A digital recorder can be connected to D240X record calls for extended time to study the computer. If the recorder has a recording mode "voice activated", we get a fully automatic bat registration system, which can be left on the ground for unattended recording of bat calls .

Characteristics :

Type: Heterodyne and time expansion (x10 or x20 - switch selectable)
Microphone: Advanced electret
Frequency range: 10 to 120 kHz (min.)
Display accuracy: ± 0.15 kHz (min.)
Bandwidth (het.): 8 kHz (± 4 kHz), -6 dB
Sampling frequency: 307 kHz
Battery: 1 x IEC 6LF22 (9 V), not included
Power Consumption: 30 mA typ. including LCD backlight
Comments Button: Yes
Memory Size: 1M x 8 bits
Resolution: 8 bits
Storage life: 3.4, 1.7 or 0.1 sec. (Switch selectable)
Trigger modes: Manual, level - broadband level - narrowband
Pretrigger: 50% of the selected storage time
Size: 119 x 60 x 25 mm buttons included
Weight: 170 g with battery
Outputs: 2 x 3.5 mm jacks for headphones and recorder
Miscellaneous: saturation indicator, adjustable input gain, ability to replay the signal in memory through heterodyne system

The use of the detector in intense electromagnetic fields may cause interference and / or temporary loss of signal.


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