Guide géologique - Calanques et...

Guide géologique - Calanques et sources de Cassis

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Near the small town of Cassis, on the outskirts of Marseille, lies the mysterious brackish underground river of Port Miou, flowing beneath the arid landscape of the Calanques massif. Known since ancient times, this underground watercourse was only studied after the invention of the scuba diving suit in the 1950s. This guide recounts the extraordinary scientific and human adventure that brought together geologists, hydrogeologists and speleologists.


According to Éric Gilli: "The Port Miou adventure is a quest in which the notion of mutual contribution finds all its grandeur. Countless people, famous or unknown, have laid their brick, modest or enormous, to help build our knowledge of this complex system".

To accompany the story of the study and exploration of the enigmatic underground river at Port Miou, this guide offers eight walking itineraries and one boating itinerary to discover the geology of the Calanques de Cassis.

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