Guide géologique - Gard

Guide géologique - Gard

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For hikers interested in geology, the Gard department offers a fascinating experience. By following the routes described in this guide, they will have the opportunity to observe a wide variety of rocks, from the granites and schists of the Cévennes to the limestones of the Garrigue. These rock formations span an impressive time scale, from the oldest dating back 500 million years to the most recent in the process of formation, such as the beach at Espiguette.


Hikers will be able to spot the famous Cévennes fault in the landscape, while noticing the remains of human activity. Since ancient times, man has exploited the mines (for metals and coal) and quarries (supplying the ashlars used to build the Pont du Gard). Not to mention the extremely varied flora that graces the region, and the caves that have been inhabited since prehistoric times and were the cradle of speleology. All in all, follow the guide for an exceptional geological adventure in the Gard department!

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