Format E-BOOK (English) - Plants from season to season
Plants from season to season - Format e-book

Format E-BOOK (English) - Plants from season to season

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The pleasure of observing phenology

What links exist between climate and the annual cycle of plants? What mechanisms control the opening of buds? What are the projections in a context of climat change?
These are all questions that phenology specialistsanswer in this book, showing how plants mark the rhythm of the changing seasons.

This guide will also give you all the informations you need to start observing the phenology of plants : budbreak in spring, fruit ripening in summer, leaf coloring in fall, etc...

Each of 80 species selected as phenological markers is presented in detail :

  • Identification criteria illustred with beautiful watercolors
  • Information on its ecology and distribution
  • A calendar of its annual cycle
  • A photographic presentation of the stages selected as "phenological markers"

Happy observing!

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