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SonoChiro University Version -...
SonoChiro University Version -...
SonoChiro University Version -...
SonoChiro University Version -...

SonoChiro University Version - Software for automatic analysis of bat records

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Developed by BIOTOPE, SonoChiro allows the identification of 111 species of bats from Europe, the Amazon Basin, the British Isles and the Lesser Antilles.

Principle diagram bat analysis by SonoChiro Biotope

Sonochiro provides a valuable aid for all users of ultrasound detectors, especially in the case of stand-alone recorders allowing the accumulation of large volumes of data (SMXBAT, D500X Pettersson, Batlogger, BATMODE, ...).

Its various functionalities make it useful in various analysis contexts: identification of the species present, counting of contacts, quantification of hunting activity (capture of prey), highlighting of a social activity, etc.

SonoChiro cannot completely replace manual identification because a zero error rate is unattainable in the current state of knowledge and technological advances. However, SonoChiro® has been designed to make it as easy as possible to deal with your own errors, in particular through a set of relevant confidence indices.

Thus, the time saved by using SonoChiro® is considerable. It varies according to many factors (target objectives, quality of recordings, etc.) but it is generally greater than 90%, and in many cases it even exceeds 99%.

SonoChiro has already won over a large number of bat enthusiasts and experts.

Proof of belonging to a public or private training establishment will be compulsory.



Compared to version 3, the big novelty of this version 4 is its SonoView module.

This module brings to the expert a huge time saving in the post-analysis validation of SonoChiro.

It allows at a glance to visualize the sonograms of each recording, to easily sort parasites/species/groups of species, to quickly confirm an identification with a low confidence index and to open in one click a recording directly in an audio software (Batsound, Syrinx, Audacity...) to take measurements.

SonoChiro® is available on an annual subscription basis, including updates, and is licensed on a single-user basis only.
A license verification requires an internet connection once every 30 days. The rest of the time Sonochiro can run without an internet connection.
- Initial fee: €1,000.00 excluding VAT. per year
- Re-subscription rate (discount -10%) : 900,00€ excl. tax. per year

Contact us at to obtain the promotional code for the re-subscription.
Your license key and a download link will be sent to you within 72 hours after payment.

Required equipment:

- Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32/64 bits + 2 GB RAM + DualCore processor compatible x86 1 GHz

- Internet connection for activation and validation (once a month).

- Recordings accepted in WAV or RAW format

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