Notebook - bound - stiff - 160 pages...
Notebook - bound - stiff - 160 pages...

Notebook - bound - stiff - 160 pages - yellow - 108x171 mm

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Rite in the Rain's waterproof and resistant notebooks allow you to write in the rain or in difficult conditions (caves, mudflats, bogs, at sea, in the snow, ...).

The yellow color of the cover makes it easy to find the notebook in the field in case you forget or lose it.

You can write with different ballpoint pens, pencils or permanent ink markers.

Rite in the Rain has developed a very resistant metal pen (on sale at Club Biotope). This pen is resistant to low and high temperatures from -30°C to +110°C, to water and has a pressurized cartridge allowing to write vertically or with the pen head up.  

This notebook has a hard cover, 160 pages (80 detachable sheets) and measures 10.80 cm x 17.15 cm.

Very practical, waterproof and robust, this notebook will quickly become your faithful companion in the field.

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