SMART - Bat detection system for real-time monitoring and analysis, with remote access and data transfer
SMART - Bat detection system for...
SMART - Bat detection system for real-time monitoring and analysis, with remote access and data transfer
SMART - Bat detection system for...

SMART - Bat detection system for real-time monitoring and analysis, with remote access and data transfer

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SMART : Bat detection system for real-time monitoring and analysis, with remote access and data transfer

The SMART system, developed by Wildlife Acoustics and distributed by BIOTOPE in Europe, is a powerful and connected acoustic device for bat monitoring, with remote access and data transfer via a secure web browser interface. It detects the presence of bats by capturing their ultrasonic calls.

A new generation microphone

SMART is associated with a very high quality digital microphone.

This cylindrical microphone integrates :

- 2 sensors, including 1 backup sensor,

- 1 ultrasonic loudspeaker allowing the SMART to check daily the proper functioning and calibration of the microphone,

- 1 female RJ45 socket with waterproof plug to connect the Ethernet microphone cable,

- 1 heating system to prevent condensation and freezing on the sensors and thus preserve the quality of the sensors,

- 1 electromagnetic EMI shielding.


Real-time sound identification

In addition to the remote control and user interface software, the SMART incorporates Wildlife Acoustics' Kaleidoscope software technology for bat call identification.

Using Kaleidoscope, the SMART system is able to suggest the most likely bat species in several regions of the world, including Europe and North America. To do this, you must first select the country where SMART is installed.

Intelligent sound processing

This software automatically sorts and cleans up noise, which significantly reduces the amount of data collected (about 2 GB per month of sound is recorded in wind by 1 microphone). It can also compress the recording files to optimize data storage and transfer. The Kaleidoscope software technology embedded in the SMART has the advantage of saving time in post-analysis processing and reducing the amount of data to be stored and transferred.

Guaranteed data backup

The ultrasonic sequences of bats are recorded on the SMART's internal hard disk in .wav, .zc or .w4v format (compressed format). A log file with probable species and call parameters (results.csv) is filled in as the detections are made and can be downloaded at any time. A daily copy of the data can be made locally on an external storage medium connected to the SMART (hard disk or USB key) or remotely by automatic data transmission to a storage server of choice.

Free and secure multi-user remote access

The SMART can be accessed by several users via the Ethernet or Wifi network for remote control, data retrieval, configuration and microphone testing. A 4G router can also be connected to the SMART controller. The access is easily done from the user's account on the Wildlife Acoustics website (free access without subscription).

A daily email status

An email can be programmed to be sent daily to one or more people to indicate the operating status of the device.

An integrated SCADA module

The SMART can also connect locally to the SCADA system of the wind turbines in order to regulate in real time the wind turbines with respect to the activity of the bats. It uses Modbus/TCP protocol over Ethernet or Wifi and Modbus/RTU over RS232, RS422 and RS485 connections to communicate with the wind turbines SCADA. The user has 8 filters to define his own wind turbine regulation parameters.

The strong points of SMART :

- high sensitivity of detection of bats

- high quality of recorded sounds,

- robust and durable microphones (signal digitization at the source, electromagnetic shielding, sensor heating to prevent freezing and condensation, integrated microphone tester, presence of a backup sensor),

- 3 microphones can be connected simultaneously,

- real-time analysis and sorting of sounds,

- remote access to data and SMART parameters,

- its open source Linux Ubuntu operating system,

- the fully programmable SCADA module allows SMART to regulate a wind turbine in real time based on measured bat activity.


Processor : 2-core Intel Atom x5-E930


Hard disk : 64 GB SDD

Operating system : Linux Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS

Power supply : 9-36 VDC. A 100-240V AC 50-60Hz to 24V DC power supply is provided. The SMART can be powered by a 12V battery.

Power consumption : 16.5 W/h

Serial port : 2 x RS-232/422/485

USB port : 4 x USB 3.0

CAN bus : 8-bit I/O (4 inputs / 4 outputs)

Display port : x 2

Microphone inputs : x 2 PoE LAN port

Connection : 4G LTE (option) + Ethernet (RJ45) + WiFi

Grounding terminal : X1

Ignition : automatic. The SMART controller is programmed to automatically restart when powered or after a power outage.

Dimensions (W x H x D) : 11.9 cm x 16 cm x 5.6 cm

Weight : 1.36 kg            

Protection class : IP30    

Operating conditions : -20°C to 70°C, 10...90%RH (non-condensing)

Storage conditions : 20 °C to +60 °C

Microphone test : 40kHz default (adjustable threshold), manual or automatic mode.

File formats : *.wav, *.csv, *w4v, , *zc         

Storage medium : Internal hard disk + USB key or external hard disk

Sampling : 192kHz, 256kHz, 384kHz, 500kHz, 16-bit or 24-bit

Max. frequency range : 0 to 150 kHz         

Recording time : 0 - 20s, pre and post-trigger programmable

Trigger settings : manual, automatic, on day/night cycles, on time ranges, relative to a minimum frequency level and minimum sound volume (intensity).

Warranty : 2 years (SMART and microphone)

Conformity : CE

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