Compact field charger Ansmann...
Compact field charger Ansmann...
Compact field charger Ansmann...
Compact field charger Ansmann...

Compact field charger Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro LCD screen - For AA, AAA

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Upscale all-terrain compact charger for AA, AAA and equipped with a USB output for charging mobile phones. Ideal for avoid carrying too many batteries with you, and a great help to recharge without going to his home.

For maximum mobility, the assembly includes a 12V car adapter to recharge the batteries in transit.

It also has a fast charge capability: By default, charging is carried out at 600 mA. If required, the charger can carry a load up to 1800 mA.

    USB output (5V 1000mA)
Suitable for rechargeable batteries NiMH / NiCd
Adjustable charging current at the charging compartments
     - 400mA, 600mA, 800mA for 1-4 rechargeable batteries
- 400mA, 600mA, 800mA, 1500mA, 1800mA for 1-2 rechargeable batteries

Individual selection of charging program for each load Housing: • Charge • Discharge
• Regeneration (charge and discharge cycle to regenerate the old batteries)
• Test (Full charge of the battery => discharge of the battery and capacity measurement => Battery Charger)

The selected program can easily be read on the LCD
Load control by a microprocessor and monitoring of each battery
Individual monitoring of the following: • Voltage (V) • Capacity (mAh / Ah) • Time (hh: mm) • Current (mA)

Multiple battery charge protection and automatic shutdown function
Charge maintenance and polarity reversal protection

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