Guide géologique - Ardèche (3e édition)

Guide géologique - Ardèche (3e édition)

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Exploring nature is always more immediate and attractive when you're on foot. For this new edition, two additional routes have been added and some updates have been made. The ten walking routes in this guide take you through a department of varied natural environments and exceptional geodiversity: craters, domes and lava flows bear witness to the Earth's internal activity. This geological diversity is also reflected in typical landscapes of metamorphic rock and limestone, with canyons and caves.


Between the mountains, renowned for their icy winds and harsh climate, and the gorges of the Ardèche, temperatures can vary by more than 20°C! This contrast is also reflected in the vegetation, where oak, chestnut, beech and fir dominate in the Haut-Vivarais, while the garrigues of the south offer a Mediterranean atmosphere.

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