The Amphibians of the Dry Zones and...

The Amphibians of the Dry Zones and West and South Madagascar

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This richly illustrated guide in French offers both a detailed introduction to the amphibians of Madagascar and the most comprehensive information ever gathered on the forty-five species of frogs known from the drylands of the west. It provides details on the identification, vocalisations, larvae, geographical distribution, habitats and conservation status of these species.


Madagascar is home to an incredible diversity of frog species, almost all of which are endemic to the island, and many of which have yet to be described by science. Although a large percentage of these species are found in the rainforests of the east of the island, many others live in the dry forests of western and southern Madagascar, areas that are less well documented. Due to various pressures exerted by man, these amphibians are among the most threatened vertebrates on the island.

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