The Bats of Madagascar
The Bats of Madagascar
The Bats of Madagascar
The Bats of Madagascar

The Bats of Madagascar

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In this first book in a series entitled "Guides to the Biological Diversity of Madagascar", published by the Vahatra Association, Dr Steven Goodman compiles a range of information on the island's bats. The aim of this series is to provide naturalists, students and the general public with information about Madagascar's unique and threatened biodiversity. We hope that this series will raise awareness of Madagascar's unique biological treasures, encouraging greater interest in their preservation.


The island of Madagascar, with its unique and highly endemic fauna and flora facing widespread human pressure on the remaining natural ecosystems, is one of the world's conservation priorities. Until recently, little was known about the bats of Madagascar, but research in recent years has revealed a significant diversity of species previously unknown to science, as well as many details about their distribution and natural history.

Fruit bats play an essential role in the pollination of various plants and the dispersal of seeds. In fact, these animals are probably among the most important for the natural regeneration of the island's forests. In addition, small insectivorous species play a crucial role in feeding on insects that carry diseases to humans, thereby helping to control insects that are harmful to agriculture. However, these animals are under heavy human pressure and the future of some species is threatened.

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