The Small Mammals of Madagascar
The Small Mammals of Madagascar
The Small Mammals of Madagascar
The Small Mammals of Madagascar

The Small Mammals of Madagascar

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This book is the second in the series "Guides to the Biological Diversity of Madagascar", published by the Vahatra Association. It has been designed to be accessible to a wider audience. Through this book, Malagasy people will be able to learn more about their natural heritage, protected area managers will discover the animals they are trying to preserve, and tourist guides and naturalists will be able to recognise the small creatures they come across in the wild. Teachers and students will find the scientific basis for small Malagasy mammals, while specialists will also be able to draw on relevant information.


Despite their unfavourable reputation as destroyers of crops and food supplies, as well as vectors of disease for humans, and even though some species are hunted for their meat, small mammals are an essential component of Madagascar's biodiversity. Surprisingly, no comprehensive work based on validated scientific information has yet been devoted to these animals in Madagascar, despite the fact that they are so diverse and have an exceptionally high level of endemism. Of the 59 native species, all are endemic, with the exception of five introduced species.

Few countries have a situation comparable to that of Madagascar, where several new species have been discovered by science in recent decades. It is in this context that the book by Voahangy Soarimalata and Steven M. Goodman takes on its full meaning. The result of in-depth studies conducted over several years, it sheds light on the identification, ecology and distribution of small Malagasy mammals, filling a major gap in the scientific literature.

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