Atlas of Selected Land Vertebrates of...

Atlas of Selected Land Vertebrates of Madagascar

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Madagascar, one of the world's largest islands, is home to an exceptional biodiversity of endemic vertebrates. Although numerous publications have appeared in recent decades, covering subjects ranging from technical documents to species descriptions and field guides, until now a detailed atlas has been lacking. This bilingual French-English volume, entitled "Atlas des vertébrés terrestres sélectionnés de Madagascar" (Atlas of selected terrestrial vertebrates of Madagascar), does just that.


The Atlas of Selected Terrestrial Vertebrates of Madagascar is a richly illustrated work, with over 400 colour illustrations and maps. It compiles information from a variety of sources, including data collected during extensive biological surveys in some of the island's most remote forests, specimens held in natural history museums around the world, and relevant scientific literature. This atlas presents distribution maps for a variety of taxonomic groups, accompanied by descriptive text interpreting the distribution patterns. In addition, it provides information on potential habitat patterns for most of the taxa studied.

The Atlas of Selected Terrestrial Vertebrates of Madagascar covers a wide range of vertebrates, including reptiles, birds and mammals. You will find information on species such as lizards, birds, bats, tenrecs and many others, providing a comprehensive overview of Madagascar's biodiversity. This book represents the result of decades of research and is a valuable resource for understanding and preserving Madagascar's wildlife.

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