Guide géologique - Les causses du Quercy

Guide géologique - Les causses du Quercy

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This guide will be the ideal companion for your walks in the Causses du Quercy Regional Nature Park (UNESCO World Geopark), an invitation to discover this land through its geology.

Learn how to read a landscape through its relief, rocks, vegetation and dinosaur footprints. Each guide in this full-colour collection offers: - a brief geological history of the area it explores; - a selection of detailed, accessible and original itineraries, which will delight you with their diversity of natural curiosities; - a selection of discovery sheets.


The Causses du Quercy Regional Nature Park was awarded the Unesco Global Geopark label in May 2017. The park offers a wealth of opportunities for geological exploration, including the Braunhie forest and its remarkable trees, the Puy Blanc clay trail, the cirque loop at Autoire, the Caselles loop at Marcilhac, the Moulin du Saut loop at Gramat, the Brigands trail and its fossil plants, the Crégols-Aujols sinkholes, the Chemin des Anglais at Brengues, the Quercy Blanc and the perte du Cros loop.

Five fact sheets on remarkable geological sites accompany these itineraries: the thermo-mineral springs of Quercy, the underground Ouysse network, the Calvignac section, the Triassic sandstones of Faycelles, the phosphatières of Quercy. Ten other fact sheets complete the discovery of Quercy: the Lot and underground diving, dry grasslands and associated flora, the paths of Compostela, navigation on the Lot, prehistory and decorated caves, the lakes of Saint-Namphaise, the gastronomic specialities of Quercy, dolmens and menhirs of Quercy, the Lot Geological Nature Reserve.

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