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Noctuidae Europaeae Essential
Noctuidae Europaeae Essential
Noctuidae Europaeae Essential

Noctuidae Europaeae Essential

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This book offers you a magnificent collection of over 1,500 photographs showing European moths in their natural environment and at rest. It also includes more than 1,000 images of their larvae, offering a complete exploration of these fascinating creatures. A true immersion into the world of moths!


This comprehensive guide examines the 1623 species recognised within this family. Each species is described concisely, exploring its habitats, flight periods, caterpillar host plants, and distribution within Europe and beyond. In addition, a variety of captivating topics are covered, including subspecies, generations, frequency, as well as interactions with the environment and disturbance factors.

Each species is beautifully depicted at life size on 92 colour plates. This comprehensive book is a must-have for experienced naturalists, and its user-friendly layout also makes it invaluable for lepidopteran enthusiasts.

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